If your pooch needs beauty care we have an exceptional Dog Grooming Service unique to Hobart

Your dog’s groom will be broken up over a half or a whole day. They will spend time playing, socialising and receiving treats between their grooming stages. This helps to reduce stress… and makes the grooming experience more enjoyable and fun for your fluff ball.

Whether they need a simple refresh or a full make-over… we have a service for every dog grooming need.

Even if your dog usually hates to be groomed, we’ll spend the time with them, making it more enjoyable, showing them that grooming can be fun.

And your dog will have all of the best while with us. We use a sensitive shampoo and conditioner, and all of the best dog friendly grooming gear available. There are no cages and plenty of hugs, treats and fun for your dog while with us.

Club K9 has some of the best groomers in Hobart. Your dog will not only have the best time with us but will also look absolutely spectacular.


Grooming is available Monday-Friday (not Saturdays)

Please fill in these forms on the morning of your furry friends groom with our friendly team or have the form complete before arriving to speed up the drop off process.

Club K9 Makeover form

Club K9 Touchup form


We can provide your dog with the best services and facilities in Hobart and Kingston.