Advanced Training

Advanced Training Class

This is a six week course that allows you to learn more advanced training skills with your dog.

You must have completed either a Club K9 Puppy Class, or Basic Obedience, course to enrol in this class. It is recommended that you have completed the Walk and Recall Class also.

What are we going to do?

We are going to build on what you already know and make you a better trainer by giving you more opportunities to practice training different skills. This class is designed for you to be able to work at your own level in a class of dogs at differing training levels.

Course outline:

Week 1 Lead handling – Loose lead walking – Stand – Drop

A good chance to refine some basic training skills for you and your dog. We add new skills here, teaching your dog to Stand and Drop on cue. We will look at your lead handling skills, so you are best placed to move forward and get the most out of this course.

Week 2REA – Rear End Awareness – teaching your dog they have a butt.

Did you know that most dogs do not have any idea that they have anything behind their shoulders? We are going to teach them. If you haven’t laughed at your dog during this class, we haven’t done our job properly!

Week 3Heeling

Teaching your dog to move with your left leg – a great control position. This is hard, and can be a boring skill for your dog to learn. Not when we teach it…

Week 4 – Sits – Understanding the 3 D’s – strengthening the release

Training Phase – building on your basic skills. A great way to practice building reliable behaviours.

Week 5 – Chaining – Understanding the links between behaviour

Dogs are experts at chaining behaviours together – we are going to show you how you can get involved in this process. Great for tricks and teaching complex behaviours.

Week 6Free Shaping – teaching your dog to think

A fun class to finish the course. We teach you a completely different way to train your dog. If you love watching your dog think and learn you are going to love this!!


**NB : This course is designed so you can participate in it multiple times and be able to complete it more than once – we will continue to work with you at your level and keep you getting better and better. This is a great course to get inspired because you will see dogs in the class who are older and more experienced, and have done more training, working alongside you for inspiration!


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