Intermediate & Advanced Obedience Classes

Intermediate & Advanced Obedience (Open Class)


Open Scent Class 

This page is intended for those who have completed a Club K9 Entry Class only.

Please click here if you are interested in more information on our Entry Classes.

Open Obedience 

We work on a coloured lead system, similar to martial arts (white through to black).
Classes start at 9.00am on Saturdays for white and yellow leads and at 9.45am for blue and higher leads (apart from long weekends and throughout Jan).
Classes run for 45 minutes. Blue and higher can attend the yellow and white class if they wish.
These classes are fun and free flowing, and you will get all the help you require in a supportive environment.
You can attend as many or as little as these classes as you wish on an ongoing basis.

$25 – Single Class Pass
$100 – 5 Class Pass (Valid for 6months)
$150 – 10 Class Pass (Valid for 6months)



21st of September – Drops and Stands

28th of September – NO TRAINING CLASS (AFL Grand Final Day)

5th of October – Recall training

12th of Oct – Rear End Awareness (REA.)

19th of Oct – Heeling


2nd of Nov –  Sits, Sits, and more sits.

9th November – Hit The Streets.

16th November – NO TRAINING (Instructors at Conference)

23rd November – Assessment Preparation

30th November – Assessment preparation cont…

7th of December – ASSESSMENT CLASS

14th December – GAMES DAY!!! (Final class for the year)

Classes will resume for 2020 in early February.

Lots more to come….

Please note that class topics may change at any time without notice as we will change classes to suit the needs of members. If you would like to see other topics listed please speak with your Club K9 trainer or contact us.


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